Current waiting time on full size hammocks is up to 4 weeks.

We are doing our best to complete orders ASAP despite Covid19 and Brexit getting in the way.

Welcome to EasyHammock.

Hammocking as a way of better, more comfortable and safer outdoor experience is gaining more and more enthusiasts. Our design is currently the simplest and easiest to use hammock available. With all elements integrated in to one fully featured package you can have the most comfortable "hang" in just 60 seconds. With our range of hand made insulated hammocks (patent pending) we have made every effort to make it as easy as possible, so you can spend more time enjoying your adventures.

For more details and to find out how to make the most of your Easy Hammock, see our videos below. And don't forget to look up the FAQ page.

About me:

My name is Matthew.

I'm the guy behind the sewing machine putting everything together for you late at night. I was born and raised in Poland and I spent most of my youth rummaging through vast boreal forests of Eastern Europe. When I moved to UK I have brought my passion for outdoors with me and through various groups and forums I had a chance to explore Wales, Scotland and England. Being a total gear head I have been always trying new ideas and testing new kit looking for my perfect solution, turned out it was always in my own mind. What you see on this website is a result of many years of thinking, trying, reviewing, testing, giving up and trying again. I now have something I believe is worth sharing so everyone can have easy, pleasant and safe outdoor experience.

For any enquiries on availability, custom work or any hammock related topic please don't hesitate to contact us on